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The Sweet Bomb pack is the perfect gift for sweet-toothed people. A pleasure that crosses borders and that you can enjoy at any time. What’s better than receiving the perfect sweet gift?

Sweet Bomb contains:

  • Honey, chocolate and hazelnut cream 360 g
  • Honey candies 250 g
  • Oil cakes (x6) 
  • Handmade Chocolate with orange 115 g
  • Mango and ginger jam 280 g
  • Muscat Raisins 225 g
  • Hot Chocolate Chai Tea 70 g
  • Panela 500 g

*If you buy this gift box you do NOT need to click on “I want it as a gift”. All gift packs include a special packaging and a free greeting card. To write your message please use the “Notes” text box that appears during the checkout process.

Weight 2.5 kg
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